Together with Local Communities
Dedicated to our hometown, Setouchi
We believe one of our company's responsibilities is to have a grateful heart to the ties between the local communities and us, and to make a great contribution to its people.
We are seeking to strengthen the relationships with the local citizens, and contribute to the prosperity of local communities.
〜 For the prosperity of Imabari, a City of Maritime Industry 〜
In May 2009, the first shipping news event in the west part of Japan, BARI-SHIP was held in Imabari city in Ehime Prefecture, where our Head Office is located.
There are major international shipping news events abroad, such as Posidonia in Greek, a country of Ship Owners, and Nor-Shipping in Norway, but Imabari city is also a preeminent "power" of Shipowners. BARI-SHIP was started to vitalize the shipbuilding and maritime industry in our city and to promote public understanding of it.

BARI-SHIP has two goals. One is to offer a chance for the shipping, shipbuilding and marine equipment industries to promote their newest technologies, and another is to entertain and familialize the local citizens to such industries. Several shipbuilding companies and factories of maritime equipment organized the excursions around their worksite. We also, invited local people to the tour at the shipbuilding yard, and more than 3500 people visited us and enjoyed the special events.
Onmaku Festival
〜 A major entertainment for the local communities 〜
Every year our employees take part in Onmaku Festival, a big festival of Imabari city.
During Onmaku Festival, you can enjoy modern dance music during daylight, and traditional dance music in the night, joined by more than 200 people from our company. For this event, our shipbuilding yard schedules a time to practice this dance after the business hour, which has became a symbol of the summer for our company.
We value a relationship with the local communities and commitment to it, and being its active participant is one of the important ways to tighten it.
Onmaku Festival Onmaku Festival
Onmaku Festival Onmaku Festival
Tobe Zoo, a place of human
〜 Animal bonding 〜
Tobe Zoo in our city is the biggest zoo in the west part of Japan. As a social contribution to the local community, we made a donation to Tobe Zoo to enrich its facilities, such as the extension and reconstruction of an open place for the children to interact with animals.
In this area, the illustrations of our company character Imazo-kun, various ships, and ocean create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. By our donation, the roof of the facilities in the zoo is enlarged too, which makes it possible for the visitors to enjoy the hands-on experiences with the animals even in the rainy days. We can see the children enjoying touching and feeding the rabbit and duck, or taking a ride on s pony in spite of the wet weather.
We take an active role in revitalizing our local community, not only by promoting the local tourist industry, but also by offering such kind of the educational experience to the children.
Tobe Zoo Tobe Zoo
Tobe Zoo Tobe Zoo
Family Festival
〜 To tighten family ties 〜
Family Festival is held every year for the families of our employee, as well as for the business partner and neighbors of the shipbuilding yard. This event is designed to provide a chance of learning and experiencing the shipbuilding industry, so that it could promote their understanding of our business.
During this event, the visitors can see the inside of the VLCC of more than 300,000 dwt, or even look around the bridge, a living place on the ship, which usually is a forbidden zone. The visitors also can see the actual work vehicles operated in the worksite, and the various pictures of the vessels built by our dockyard in displayed in the exhibition area. In such areas, you can see our employees proudly talking about their job to the children.
We actively work on this kind of events for our employees, their families and all the local citizens to strengthen the bond between them.
Family Festival Family Festival
Family Festival Family Festival
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Together with Local Communities
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